Lirik Lagu Chester Watson - Trident

Lirik Lagu Chester Watson - Trident.

Life is but a dream
Now I get why they say it cause nothing is what it seems
Except a struggle, because that shit's real
And mom's worried that I will not pay my bills
But I said I got the skills, it just takes time
Couple seconds later, she replied "Alright, I love you
Make the music but you can't be smoking, idle, unproductive son"
For a moment, I let the words resonate
She deserves it all: an island, keys to heaven's gates
Diamond rings and a nice caddie for the road
Told promoters if they pay me I would gladly do the shows
But they don't reply, numbers too high
Like my self-esteem, stealthy team, N-U-Age Syndicate
Got it tatted like bragging rights, mattered right then
Or was it just a pattern on my path to finding Zen
In the realm of within?
Cause I gotta get that straight first
Or you could catch me in the black-stained hearse
It's a curse to be young and at one with the earth
And the vibes that it leaves with the cosmos, STEEZ is beyond dope
Please cut the convo short
Because I'm truly not interested
But her booty dynamics confusing physicists
Damn, that's another one down
Fucking up when I'm with my niggas and out on the town
But just know that it never goes anywhere but the air, and that's polluted already
And the atmosphere won't be gone for a million millennia
So let's do what we came to do you remember?
Just chill and enjoy each other's company
Shit... it's like only this goddess humbles me
Enjoy each other's company
Shit... it's like only this goddess...

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